About Us

Aerial view of Split Rock DamState Water incorporates, into a single business, all of NSW's bulk water delivery functions outside of the areas of operation of the Sydney Catchment Authority, Sydney Water Corporation, Hunter Water Corporation and of other water supply authorities.

State Water Corporation (State Water) was established as a stand-alone State Owned Corporation (SOC) on 1 July 2004, under the provisions of the State Owned Corporations Act 1989, by the State Water Corporation Act 2004. Before this, State Water was part of the Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability and before that, Department of Land and Water Conservation.

Our establishment as the rural bulk water delivery business in NSW was an important element of the government's water reforms, in line with the Council of Australian Government's national competition policy reforms. The Fish River Water Supply Authority became part of State Water on 1 January 2005.

The State Water Corporation Act 2004 (the Act) establishes the objectives and functions of State Water. Under the Act, State Water's principal objectives are 'to capture, store, and release water in an efficient, effective, safe and financially responsible manner'.

What We Do

On regulated river systems in NSW we:

  • Deliver allocated water
  • Deliver environmental flows
  • Coordinate water ordering
  • Manage water accounts
  • Measure water usage
  • Process water allocation assignments (temporary transfers)
  • Manage delivery restrictions and demand management
  • Issue bills and accounts to regulated water users
  • Ensure compliance with metering standards
  • Ensure water ordering compliance
  • Take compliance action for overuse of allocation
  • Suspend water licences for non-payment and overuse

What We Don’t Do

  • Decide how much water is available each year
  • Set allocations/available water determinations
  • Issue and administer licences
  • Set licence conditions
  • Determine environmental flows
  • Set water prices
  • Set water sharing plan rules
  • Take compliance action for unlicensed works and extractions
  • Permanent trades
  • Sell water  

For more information, download our 'What we do' fact sheet (PDF 319 KB)