State Water is undertaking a number of projects across NSW to improve our assets and increase efficiency of water storages and delivery.

Dam safety upgrades

Seven of State Water's major dams are being upgraded in line with international dam safety standards, to meet modern requirements for extreme flood conditions. The upgrades will result in around a quarter of a billion dollars invested in improving infrastructure across regional NSW.

Chaffey Dam augmentation

A project to increase the permanent storage capacity of Chaffey Dam from 62GL to 100GL.

Environmental projects

The projects listed below are initiatives to improve aquatic habitat, forest health and environmental outcomes in line with our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.

Water efficiency projects

The following projects provide improvements to technology, measurement, monitoring, assets and general operations to ensure we capture, store and release water as efficiently as possible.

Asset improvement projects

The projects below involve improving the operation of existing assets.

Belubula investigation

Scoping studies to investigate potential dam sites to improve water security for the Lachlan Valley.