Chaffey upgrade

Chaffey Dam

  • The new auxiliary spillway in the rock at Chaffey DamLocated on the Peel River, 43km upstream of Tamworth.
  • Dam completed in 1979.
  • Storage capacity of 62,830 megalitres (will be 100,000 megalitres following augmentation).

About the upgrade

  • Stage one - $13 million funded by the NSW Government.
  • Stage two and augmentation - $50 million funded by the Australian Government, NSW Government and Tamworth Regional Council.
  • 2010 commence construction on stage one.
  • 2016 expected completion of all works.


Upgrade the dam to comply with ANCOLD and DSC safety standards.

  • Stage one - Construction of a 35 metre auxiliary spillway with release plug.
  • Stage two and augmentation - Stage two of the upgrade will be incorporated into augmentation, involving raising the dam wall by 8 metres. The project will increase the full supply level of the dam by 6.5 metres, the dam’s capacity from 62GL to 100GL and ensure it can withstand the maximum possible flood.


  • Improved ability of dam to withstand extreme floods. 
  • Securing the long term water supply for Tamworth.
  • Improve the security of water entitlements for downstream users.
  • Stimulating local economy during the construction phase.


Stage one works

  • 2009 late - Review of environmental factors.
  • 2009 late - Detail design completed.
  • 2010 early - Construction commenced.
  • 2011 February - Construction completed.

Stage two and augmentation works

  • 2011 mid-year - Commence detailed design for stage two and augmentation.
  • 2014 mid to late - Commence construction on stage two and augmentation.
  • 2016 - Expected completion of entire upgrade


  • 2014 May - Contract awarded for construction on stage two and augmentation
  • 2014 April - Environmental approvals granted.
  • 2012 April - Contract awarded for environmental impact assessment.
  • 2011 December - Contract for stage two and augmentation detailed design awarded.
  • 2011 February - Stage one construction completed.
  • 2011 February - Stage two and augmentation funding announced.
  • 2010 June - Construction on stage one works commenced.
  • Detailed geotechnical investigation of the proposed works completed.
  • Environmental assessment of trial options for the upgrade and augmentation completed.

Fact sheet

May 2014 - Chaffey Dam safety upgrade and augmentation (PDF 234 KB)


Worley Parsons  - Chaffey Dam upgrade stage two and augmentation information website

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