Split Rock upgrade

Split Rock Dam

  • The new parapet wall at Split Rock Dam, one of seven dam safety upgrades across regional NSWLocated on the Manilla River, 33km upstream of Manilla.
  • Dam completed in 1987.
  • Storage capacity of 370,370 megalitres.

About the upgrade

  • Cost of $8.1 million.
  • Funded by the NSW State Government.
  • 2011 start date.
  • 2012 expected completion.

Stage One

Upgrade to comply with ANCOLD and DSC safety standards. Construct new, two-metre-high, concrete parapet wall on embankment. Storage capacity and water releases will not be altered by the upgrade.


  • Improved ability of dam to withstand extreme floods.
  • Improved environmental outcomes.
  • Increased sustainable regional development.
  • Stimulating local economy during construction phase.


  • 2010 late - Complete detailed design.
  • 2011 early - Award construction contract.
  • 2011 May - Commence construction.
  • 2012 April - Construction completed.


  • 2012 April - Completion ceremony held.
  • 2011 June - Construction commencement ceremony held.
  • 2011 April - Construction contract awarded to John Holland Pty Ltd.
  • 2007 December - Consultant engaged to short list options identified in preliminary investigations to select a preferred option.
  • Assessment of spillway adequacy was completed based on the revised generalised tropical storm method.

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Project Manager: Kock Ooi
Phone: 1300 662 077
Email: enquiries@statewater.com.au