NSW Murray Pilot Metering Project

Murray Pilot Metering ProjectThe NSW Water Metering Project

The Australian Government has agreed in principle to commit up to $221 million to the NSW Water Metering Scheme to improve the measurement of water extracted from groundwater, regulated and unregulated rivers throughout the Murray Darling Basin.
Ultimately, the NSW Metering Project will see the installation of high accuracy, tamper proof and low maintenance meters across the NSW Murray-Darling Basin.
The Australian Government, through the ‘Water for the Future Program’, is funding the $22.4 million Murray Pilot Project to install metering in the Upper Murray catchment. The Murray Pilot will be used to evaluate installation options and techniques prior to roll-out of the Project across Murray-Darling Basin in NSW.

The Murray Pilot Project

The Murray Pilot Project is being jointly undertaken by the NSW Office of Water and State Water Corporation. State Water Corporation has been contracted to manage the implementation of the Murray Pilot Project, on behalf of both organisations.
Comdain Infrastructure Pty Ltd has been contracted to design and manage the process of installing the new meters and telemetry. This important Project consists of upgrading or replacing up to 1,200 water meters as the precursor to rolling out the Metering Scheme in the rest of the Murray-Darling Basin. 

Benefits of the Pilot Project

  • Improved water measurement accuracy that will save water
  • Improvements to installation options and techniques
  • Consistent metering
  • Reduced meter reading operating costs
  • Regional employment opportunities
  • Improved water security and delivery

How will the Project take place?

Water licence holders within the area of the Pilot Project will be contacted by State Water or its representative to arrange a visit to assess their water meter(s) on-site.
Any water licence holders outside the pilot area who might be involved in the wider Metering Scheme will be contacted at a later date.
Most sites with an existing meter will have a new compliant meter installed. Many sites which are currently not metered will require a meter, based on the assessment of usage, entitlment size and installed pump capacity. State Water, as program manger, will advise individual licence holders if a new meter will be installed.

When will the Project take place?

Meter installation will commence mid to late 2011 and is expected to be completed by June 2012.

Where is it taking place?

The pilot area covers the area upstream of Torrumbarry Weir near Moama/Echuca and extends along the Murray River through Barham, Tocumwal, Yarrawonga, Corowa, Howlong, Albury, Jingellic as far as Tooma.
It extends north from the Murray River to Stevens Weir on the Edward River near Deniliquin, to Culcairn along Billabong Creek and includes the area around Tumbarumba. The pilot area covers regulated rivers, unregulated tributaries and groundwater bores. 

Information sheets

Information sheets can be downloaded as individual files below or can be downloaded as one file here.

  1. A national water initiative - a state solution
  2. What water sources will be metered?
  3. Selecting sites for new meters
  4. When will the new meters be installed?
  5. Who pays for the new meter?
  6. Does everyone need a new meter?
  7. Frequently asked questions

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