Compliance Officer in the field

State Water is responsible and committed to monitoring and reporting non-compliance activities and must take appropriate action when a potential breach is identified.

The NSW Office of Water receives reports of alleged breaches from external sources including members of the public, local councils, other government departments and State Water. All alleged breaches detected or reported are recorded, assessed and considered for action in accordance with the Water Management Act 2000 or the Water Act 1912.

Our compliance powers include:

  • Section 60G refers to the penalties that can be imposed for extracting water illegally. Penalties can include a monetary penalty of five times the value of the water taken or account debiting five times the water taken.
  • Section 91I empowers State Water to give written authorisation for a person to take water by a work when the meter is not working.
  • Section 326 empowers State Water to direct that measures be taken to install and maintain metering equipment.

Summary of the Water Management Act 2000.

A protocol for managing compliance has been developed and implemented to ensure an effective and strategic working relationship between State Water and the NSW Office of Water compliance officers.

To make a confidential report, please contact the NSW Office of Water on 1800 633 362

Download our Compliance Fact Sheet (PDF 1.01 MB) or our What to do if your meter is broken (91i) Fact Sheet (PDF 1.03 MB)